About the Artist

sonhdon is an illustrator and creative communications director who works in traditional and digital medium. She focuses on abstract, experimental pieces through texture, line, and color.


Group exhibition, ‘237 entertainment presents: Underground Artists’, HNH Fine Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Solo exhibition, ‘Sonhdon presents: Plutos’, Foundation

Group exhibition, ‘#Assymetrical’, Nifty Gateway


Group exhibition, ‘Communication Arts Exhibit 2023’, Anderson Gallery, Richmond, VA 

Group Exhibition, ‘Yes, I Also Make Work’, Anderson Gallery, Richmond, VA 

Group exhibition, ‘scars: world curation’, foundation

Group Exhibition, ‘burrito day presents: Art on Tap’, Enigma Bazaar, Denver, CO

Group exhibition, ‘femzor presents: baby starzo’, foundation 

Solo Exhibition, ‘first fridays with sonhdon’, The Lab by Alchemy Coffee, Richmond, VA

Group exhibition, ‘shillrxyz: mobile gallery for nft nyc’, New York City, ny

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